Speech Language Milestones


 12-18 months

•Attempts to copy your sounds
•Uses vocabulary of at least 10 spoken words
•Understands "No"
•Points or reaches to a desired object while producing sounds
•Understands simple directions
•Understands simple questions



18-24 months

•Attempts to copy your words
•Uses a variety of words
•Has vocabulary of 50 words or more
•Combines 2 words
•Follows novel commands
•Follows more complex directions
•Takes turns in conversations


2-3 years old

•Responds to simple questions
•Understands location words
•Identifies objects by function
•Jargons (unintelligible adult-like speech)
•Uses 2 and 3 word phrases
•Uses 200 or more words
•Asks questions



3-4 years old

•Talks about daily events
•Uses 4 word sentences
•Answers questions logically
•Explains how objects are used
•Uses these sounds in words: k, g, f, s, sh, j, ch, z


4-5 years old

•Talks easily with adults
•Follows multiple step directions
•Understands descriptive and time concepts
•Understands and uses prepositions
•Explains and describes words
•Associates letters with a sounds
•Uses these sounds in words: v, l, r



5-6 years old

•Retells stories
•Recognizes and produces rhyme
•Recalls information
•Clearly says these sounds in words: th, st, kr