Occupational Therapy Red Flag List


Possible Signs of Sensory Integration Dysfunction
Children usually display more than one of the following characteristics

•Overly sensitive to touch, movement, sights or sounds
•Easily distracted/ poor attention
•Activity level that is unusually high or low
•Inability to "unwind" or calm self down (self-regulation)
•Under-reactive to touch, movement or sounds
•Social/ Emotional problems
•Clumsy or uncoordinated
•Picky eater
•Oral sensitivity
•Does not tolerate teeth being brushed
•Oral motor (excessive drooling)
•Low tone
•Walks on toes

Imitating/ Copying Shapes
Children who have difficulty imitating/ copying shapes may need occupational therapy. The following are age appropriate fine motor skills.

•2 years: draws a vertical and horizontal line
•3 years: copies a circle
•4 years: draws a cross
•4 � years: draws a square
•5 years: copies a triangle
•6 years: copies a diamond

Fine Motor/ Visual Perceptual Skills

•Difficulty with puzzles
•Children over the age of four who have not established a hand dominance
•Trouble manipulating scissors (at 2-3 years of age, a child should be able to hold scissors and make snips)
•Difficulty with their grasp on writing utensils. At 3 � years of age a child should be utilizing a tripod grasp
•Stringing beads is difficult-at 3 years of age a child should string medium size beads
•Dressing skills are delayed-by age 3 a child should be attempting buttons