An evaluation is the assessment of your communication skills as measured by standardized testing measures, informal assessments, observation and patient/ caregiver report to determine your current level of functioning and plan of care. An interview will be conducted to determine the patient's concerns, onset of symptoms, and health/ medical history. Bilingual Assessments are available in Spanish upon patient request. A speech and/ or language evaluation will be conducted depending on your area of concern.

A speech evaluation is the assessment of the patient's articulation/ pronunciation skills and pattern of errors or voice skills. A physical examination by an ENT or otolaryngologist is recommended prior to the evaluation if you have concerns regarding your voice skills. Symptoms of a voice disorder may include: hoarseness, loss of voice, pitch breaks, or difficulty maintaining loudness.

A language evaluation is the assessment of the patient's deficits in understanding and expression of language, cognitive abilities such as reading, writing, math, visual spatial skills, and memory/attention skills.