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Adult Speech Pathology

Speech-language pathology for adults helps to improve the quality of your verbal speech through a variety of therapeutic techniques due to a voice disorder, apraxia, or dysarthria. Adult speech therapy benefits people who are diagnosed with organic or functional voice disorders, neurological damage due to a stroke, trauma, accident or infections, or neurological disorders.

Our speech pathology services are provided by speech pathologists who are licensed and certified in the State of Florida with a Master's degree in Communication Disorders. Our therapists use the latest cutting edge speech therapy techniques. Each therapist keeps abreast of current treatment techniques through a variety of continuing education courses for speech language pathology.
Adult speech Therapy sessions are designed around an individualized plan of care to address your specific needs to improve your quality of life. Therapy will be conducted based on the frequency determined during your evaluation by our speech pathologists. Therapy can be conducted in one of our area clinics or your home. (Determination of therapy location may be based on your insurance and availability in therapists' schedule)

Language/Memory Therapy

Language/ memory therapy for adults helps people who have suffered a loss of language understanding or expression, loss of memory and/ or the ability to perform every day skills involving math, reading, and writing due to a brain injury from a stroke or an accident. Therapy benefits adults who may have a diagnosis of Aphasia, Traumatic Brain Injury, or Early Onset Alzheimer's.