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Walk and Talk Program


As part of our Wellness Programming, Integrity Therapy Solutions is offering a unique and innovative senior walking program to residents in assisted living facilities where we provide services. Residents who are receiving therapy, or who have already achieved their treatment goals, are eligible for this Walk and Talk program.
In addition, ALL residents in need of that extra attention to their walking or just in need of some additional MOTIVATION will be put on a walking therapy schedule (three) times weekly. The Walk and Talk program will be under the supervision of our physical therapy staff. A weekly log of distance will be retained and utilized by the walking therapy team to minimize the risk for falls for the residents.
We continue to be committed to the overall health and wellness of our patients by providing programs like the senior walking therapy to assisted living facilities.
Integrity Therapy Solutions works closely with our partners in the Assisted Living Facilities to enhance all aspects of the residents’ experience.  We believe that if we, as professionals and partners, keep our patients at the center of what we do they will thrive and we contribute to the experience our facility partners are striving to achieve. 
Contact Beth Ingram Therapy Services today for more information on our walking program for seniors.