Universal Exercise Unit

The Universal Exercise Unit (UEU) a physical therapy exercise equipment structure that includes a system of pulleys, weights, and bungee cord attachments that helps our patients improve strength, flexibility, and range of motion.  Using the Universal Exercise Unit, our therapists can target specific muscle groups, and the UEU alleviates the gravitational limitation of a more traditional therapy.

Universal Exercise Unit (UEU) Applications:

  •  Pediatric Patients
  •  Post-stroke
  •  Post-trauma
  •  Central Nervous System Disorders
  •  Cerebral Palsy
  •  Traumatic Brain Injury
  •  Geriatric Population
  •  Rheumatoid Arthritis
  •  Sport Injuries
  •  Orthopedic Patients
  •  Vestibular Disorders
  •  Sensory Integration Disturbances
  •  Fractures (early stages in rehabilitation)
  •  Down Syndrome
  •  Spina Bifida
  •  Developmental Delays

 Universal Exercise Unit (UEU) Benefits:

  •  Increase strength
  •  Increase range of motion (active and passive range of motion)
  •  Isolate desired (weakened) muscle or muscle groups and strengthen them to enable function
  •  Eliminate gravitational forces acting on the body to facilitate weak muscle groups and active movement
  •  Obtain measurable gains in muscle strength and flexibility
  •  Improve balance
  •  Improve coordination
  •  Focus on a particular functional skill
  •  Promote developmental milestones
  •  Facilitate upright position in any position
  •  Partial or full weight bearing
  •  Very early postoperative rehabilitation
  •  Promotes motor learning and motor planning
  •  Provides a  variety of sensory-integration techniques
  •  Helps patient to develop a sense of security and success

The Universal Exercise Unit and TheraSuit® Therapy are currently available at our Brandon and South Tampa locations. Call us today to experience the benefits of using physical therapy exercise equipment like the UEU.