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Fast ForWord

About Fast ForWord
The Fast ForWord family of programs is a computer-based training system developed by Scientific Learning to help students of all ages and learning abilities rapidly improve spoken and written language, reading, and learning skills in just weeks instead of years. The programs combine research on how the brain learns with the latest technology to cross train the brain on the series of skills needed to become good at reading and learning.

Fast ForWord programs feature interactive, animated exercises disguised as "games" using patented technologies to adapt to each student's skill level. Students training on these programs train 90 to 100 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 4 to 8 weeks. In addition to significant gains in language, organizational skills, sustained attention and reading, parents and teachers report positive changes in classroom behavior including increased participation in class discussions, higher sense of self-esteem, increased enthusiasm/motivation to learn, and better social interaction with peers.

WHO? Kindergarten- to High School-age individuals with difficulty in the areas of auditory/listening skills (e.g. memory, following directions), language skills, and/or reading skills

WHERE? At our office or in your own home!

WHEN? 5 days a week, less than 2 hours a day

For more information regarding the Fast ForWord program, please call  (813) 653-1149 or go to