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Chair Yoga

 As part of our Wellness Programming, Integrity Therapy Solutions is offering a chair yoga program to residents in assisted living facilities where we provide services.  Chair yoga for seniors is a modified form of the original practice consisting of relaxing chair exercises for seniors with yoga moves. This form of modified yoga provides the same mental and physical benefits as regular yoga – helping prevent muscle loss, improve joint stability and diminish pain and stiffness. These chair exercises for seniors not only help build muscle but also help build confidence.

Through our unique and innovative wellness program, we continue to show our commitment to the overall health and wellness of our patients through programs like chair yoga for seniors.
Integrity Therapy Solutions works closely with our partners in the Assisted Living Facilities to enhance all aspects of the residents’ experience.  We believe that if we, as professionals and partners, keep our patients at the center of what we do they will thrive and we contribute to the experience our facility partners are striving to achieve. 
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