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It has been my great pleasure and privilege to observe many many patients respond, improve and heal from the excellent therapy provided by Integrity Therapists. Working in tandem in two premier ALFs (Assisted Living Facilities), we have really loved seeing the increased activity and ambulation among our residents. Not only do they profit from the one on one skilled therapy, but they further benefit from the creative wellness programs which motivate them to stay active. It is one of the best career decisions that I have made to partner with Michael Bubley and this company. We work seamlessly with their management team and the patients are verbalizing their delight daily. Thank you for making our partnership like a family. Kudos to the "Dream Team".

Kathy J.


Nice to know the interest the therapists take to help us take care of ourselves to greater advantage. The therapy is very useful.

Natalie O.


I am very fortunate to work with the therapists (Kiersten and Veronica) to regain my mobility.
I feel I have accomplished so much in the course of my therapy

Florence J.


They (therapists) are all experienced.  I am treated with respect.  Therapy is helping me a lot.

Margaret B.